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What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies?

The paralegal profession is a quickly growing field full of excitement for anyone who is interested in law. Depending on the job, paralegals usually work closely with attorneys to prepare for trials, hearings, company meetings or deal closings. They conduct legal research, draft necessary documentation, maintain files and handle multiple legal-related tasks. They can perform [...]

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The Role of Paralegals in the Trial Process

Paralegals are the backbones of modern law offices. They perform much of the same work as attorneys, except for jobs prohibited under the unauthorized practice of law statuettes. While they are not able to accept clients, give legal advice or represent clients in court, paralegals still play a vital role in the trial process. They [...]

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Trends in Law for 2017

The law industry is a rapidly progressing and evolving field. From the introduction of new technology to getting rid of traditional billing models, there are many changes in law set to unfold over the coming year. For paralegals or people interested in entering the paralegal field, here are the five main trends you should be [...]

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How Could the Trump Administration Impact Law in 2017?

It is not difficult to imagine what an impact the administration of Donald Trump will have on law in 2017. Already, the administration is pitted in a high-profile court battle over its recent controversial immigration executive order. While the administration’s policies and stances will likely have a ripple effect to every area of law, ranging [...]

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Time Management and Organizational Tips for Paralegals

Paralegals are key components of any successfully functioning legal team. While paralegals cannot set fees, establish client relationships or provide legal advice, the American Bar Association explained that paralegals can perform most other tasks that lawyers can accomplish. From preparing court documents to conducting legal research to organizing case files, paralegals are the true backbones [...]

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Could Your Career Change with a Master of Paralegal Studies Degree?

Have you been a paralegal for years but feel that your career advancement has ceased because you lack the necessary degree requirements? Perhaps you’re just now entering into the legal arena but don’t believe you are adequately prepared to pursue a paralegal position at a large corporation or law firm? Though educational standards vary greatly [...]

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How Can You Switch Careers into the Paralegal Field?

Are you working a job or industry that doesn’t inspire you? Perhaps you have always dreamed of working in the law field, but do not wish to become an attorney? If you answered yes, now may be the time to switch careers to become a paralegal. As paralegals can find work in a variety of [...]

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Key Advantages of Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Limited liability companies (LLCs) offer business owners several advantages over sole proprietorships, partnerships and in some cases S and C corporations. Business operators who take advantage of LLC business formation can realize significant financial benefits and can also use living trusts to facilitate exchanging limited liability company ownership more easily relative to using a will. [...]

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Overview of Paralegal Job Duties and Responsibilities

Paralegals are important members in law firms across the United States. Law work is complex and detailed, and legal experts utilize these professionals to manage the heavy workloads they encounter regularly. Analysts predict that the paralegal career will grow on par with the national average, with paralegals finding work in many disciplines. Most firms require [...]

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American Copyright and Intellectual Property Law Basics

In 2015, the United States Copyright Office approved almost 500,000 claims and processed over 1 million copyright petitions. Copyright law protects authors’ intellectual published property rights. The United States legislature has considered intellectual property protection since the Constitution’s penning. As the publishing world changes, so do the laws protecting published works, increasing copyright law complexity. [...]

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Copyright Law and the Fair Use Exception

Since legislators drafted the United States Constitution, America’s government has supported copyright laws in an effort to spur artistic creativity. The Founding Fathers put this protection in place anticipating that society will benefit from creative growth. Copyright laws give intellectual property creators exclusive rights to their crafted works, which may include music, literature, movies and [...]

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Legal Writing Tips and Techniques

Legal writing requires elevated professionalism. In the legal environment, every written character attests to the author’s credibility as well as to the credibility of whoever presents the document in the legal setting. Legal writing follows all the grammar and punctuation rules to the letter and without error. Law professionals can develop several habits that will [...]

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A Look at Common Law Versus Civil Law

Around the world, courts make life changing decisions every day involving individuals embroiled in various disputes and situations. These courts operate under either a common or civil law framework. In the United States, the federal judicial system governs the nation and each individual state, and each state has authority over concerns that arise within its [...]

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Eight Skills Successful Paralegals Use Everyday

According to the American Bar Association, paralegals are critical to building an effective law team. Paralegals help lawyers complete their work while maintaining ethical standards, and they must perform this duty carefully and in unison with their peers. Paralegals juggle multitudinous tasks in an organized manner and possess strong information technology and research skills. To [...]

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