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Trina Nycol Brown

Trina Nycol Brown 2014 Graduate Sometimes it takes a hard look at life to determine what matters most. Trina Brown, senior legal specialist for an International Corporation, knew she had a mind for law, but she also knew that career path took time. With a young son to consider, Trina dissected her goals and discovered [...]

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Patti VanHeyde

Patti VanHeyde 2016 Graduate Some people see college as a direct route to a specific career. Others see more opportunity studying what truly interests them, regardless of job implications. Design firm owner Patti VanHeyde is firmly among the latter. She has bachelor’s degrees in education, biology and chemistry. But Patti isn’t a teacher, chemist or [...]

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Angela Masciulli

Angela Masciulli 2013 Graduate When Angela Masciulli married into the military, she didn’t immediately realize the limitations it could place on her career. Employers often rejected her because of the likelihood she could leave the job if her husband was relocated. However, the aspiring lawyer persisted and eventually welcomed an opportunity to serve as a [...]

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Stephanie Wooster

Stephanie Wooster 2013 Graduate Those who work in the legal field know life isn’t always pretty as a picture. Former art history professor Stephanie Lynne Wooster found this out the hard way. Despite having a master’s degree in both fine art and art history, she could not find work in either field. Instead, she summoned [...]

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