Who Should Choose GW’s Online Paralegal Graduate Certificate Program?


Fuel Your Passion. GW’s online Graduate Certificate in Paralegal Studies program attracts students from a wide range of professional backgrounds at all stages of their careers. Whether just starting out, pivoting from another profession, advancing within the field or considering law school, GW paralegal students share passion and ambition.

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Where Paralegals Work

Where Paralegals Work The increased reliance on paralegals has opened new professional opportunities in all industries and work settings. Paralegals work for law firms both large and small, government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations and even as independent consultants. Paralegals work in a variety of industries and can specialize in any of numerous areas of practice, [...]

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Law School Hopefuls

Law School Hopefuls Some people pursue a paralegal education as a prelude to law school. The paralegal education allows them to gain a foundation for later legal studies, work in the field while they go to law school, establish a professional network before they even take the bar, and gauge whether they truly have what [...]

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Career Paralegals Seeking Advancement

Career Paralegals Seeking Advancement Once titled “legal assistants” or “legal secretaries” and considered only for clerical work, paralegals now have numerous career options with increasing levels of responsibility. Paralegals with experience, credentials and ambitious career goals can be promoted within their current organization, pursue new opportunities in different settings and qualify for a higher pay [...]

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New Paralegals Entering the Profession

New Paralegals Entering the Profession Whether they are just entering the profession or pivoting from another career, many pursue paralegal careers to fulfill their passion for the law. Some have always been intrigued by the law, and others are driven by a personal mission and desire to make a difference. Paralegals come from many academic [...]

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Traits of Successful Paralegals

Traits of Successful Paralegals Paralegals are organized, have an eye for detail, collaborate well and enjoy watching all the pieces of a complex matter come together. They have good administrative sense, are inquisitive and can contribute to an overarching goal. They have a solid work ethic, positive attitude and can work independently, yet are exceptional [...]

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