Michele Ragland, GW Online Paralegal Studies Graduate

Michele Ragland, Graduate
Master’s in Paralegal Studies Online Program
The George Washington University


Tell us about yourself.
My name is Michelle Ragland and I took the Paralegal Program in the College of Professional Studies.

Why did you choose the GW Paralegal Studies online program?
Initially I chose the program for professional growth and development. I did not come from a legal background, so I was a little hesitant initially, but I thought it would be a good opportunity for growth and development in my current position as a compliance auditor.

The program has impacted my career by providing me with the confidence to excel.

How did you find online learning?
I had the best of both worlds with online learning. I’m a mother of two young kids, a wife, I have a full time job, so the online learning program allowed me to logon and complete my assignments at my leisure. Of course you had your deadline, but I didn’t feel like I had to be away from my family; I could have the best of both worlds.

What was your favorite course?
My favorite class in the course, in the program, was my Legal Writing class and it just… it improved my writing skills.

How do you balance work, family and school?
I had to be very organized; I had to plan ahead and schedule. School activities, I had to schedule activities with home activities and have to schedule work activities. So it just required that I just be very organized.

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