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Strategies to boost your legal writing skills

One of the biggest mistakes people make when transitioning into a new industry is failing to adapt their writing style. Every industry necessitates different formats, tones, styles and more for professional writing projects. Every piece of writing in the industry — from legal briefs to emails — requires you to follow certain conventions or risk [...]

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An overview of paralegal ethics

Paralegals face numerous challenges on the job, but ethical concerns might be one of the most pervasive issues in their professional lives. For example, imagine you are working as a paralegal on a late Friday afternoon and the leading attorney is out of the office. Despite her absence, there is an important document that has [...]

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How to know when you’re ready for a career change

Are you tired of your current position? Perhaps you hate going into work in the mornings? Maybe you feel like you have learned everything you possibly can and are looking for a new challenge? If you answered yes, it might be time for you to transition to a different career. Perhaps you should consider moving [...]

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How to negotiate for a higher salary

Asking for more money is never easy for both new and veteran employees. From asking for a higher offer to speaking with your superiors about a long-awaited salary bump, negotiating for more money can be a difficult or nerve-wracking process for many paralegals. Though uncomfortable, it’s important to be assertive and show your employers that [...]

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Use these 5 techniques for better work-life balance

As a paralegal, you are responsible for keeping various cases on track and helping your office’s attorneys succeed in and out of court. From sifting through piles of documents to preparing presentations, the days are full of excitement and heavy workloads for most paralegals. As it may be challenging to handle, it’s essential for every [...]

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What should paralegals know about pro bono work?

The term pro bono is thrown around a lot in both the law field and popular culture. From liberal use in law drama television shows to its integration into common slang, many people both in and out of the law industry are familiar with the phrase. What they might not have a solid understanding of, [...]

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How to incorporate industry buzzwords at your next interview

Corporate buzzwords have taken a lot of ribbing over the years, from good-natured jokes about the overuse of “synergy,” “team-building exercises” and more. Despite their liberal proliferation and comedic reputation throughout most business sectors, knowing industry-specific buzzwords is a necessary step toward feeling as if you belong in a certain work environment. For example, you [...]

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How to deal with overbearing co-workers

Most people have encountered a difficult co-worker on the job before. It can be frustrating to start a new job or join a new team, only to learn that at least one of your peers has a few unfortunate traits in the workplace. Whether they are a typical negative complainer, a micro-manager or an office [...]

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8 tech tools & devices to make your office more productive

Nearly every office in the country is constantly on the prowl for ways to boost or maintain their productivity levels. The legal field is no different. With multiple cases, clients and research, paralegals and their attorneys may feel overwhelmed at times to complete all their work. This is why many organizations and departments turn to [...]

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Why are mentors essential for your future career growth?

No matter what your duties are or how large your firm is, one of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to seek out professional mentorship opportunities. The mentorship role has re-emerged and exponentially grown in popularity in recent years due to the ideal promoting an environment of one where one new [...]

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Why are Paralegals the Backbone of the Modern Law Office?

When most people think about the legal profession, thoughts of lawyers arguing in court or representing clients comes to mind. Popular television shows and movies depict attorneys fiercely defending their clients or working hard to convict criminals. From the “Judge Judy” reality to Andy Griffith playing the iconic Ben Matlock of “Matlock,” it’s easy to [...]

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What Does a Hiring Manager Look for in a Paralegal?

Paralegals are the backbone of the modern law office. They are responsible for keeping operations running smoothly day in and day out, which is why legal hiring managers can be tough during the interview process. They want to hire the best man or woman for the job, making it imperative that paralegals understand exactly what [...]

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9 Soft Skills That are a Must for any Paralegal

What are the differences between hard and soft skills? Moreover which qualities do employers prefer more, specifically in the paralegal field? When applying for jobs, applicants come across numerous job descriptions that present a mix of both kinds of traits. Employers may want their applicants to know how to use a certain filing system, but [...]

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5 Tips to Control the Costs of an Online Degree

So you want to earn your Master’s degree in Paralegal Studies, but don’t have the time, ability or resources to relocate to an on-campus university? Preparing yourself for your future career should not have to be a difficult process. This is why many students from across the country choose online graduate programs to support both [...]

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Paralegal vs. Legal Assistant: What is the Difference?

In the past, the job titles “paralegal” and “legal assistant” were used synonymously. Not only do they handle similar job responsibilities at times, but the courts and bar associations rarely distinguish between the two. For example, statutes, industry guidelines and court rules often use the terms interchangeably. Despite this, there are real differences between the [...]

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What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies?

The paralegal profession is a quickly growing field full of excitement for anyone who is interested in law. Depending on the job, paralegals usually work closely with attorneys to prepare for trials, hearings, company meetings or deal closings. They conduct legal research, draft necessary documentation, maintain files and handle multiple legal-related tasks. They can perform [...]

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The Role of Paralegals in the Trial Process

Paralegals are the backbones of modern law offices. They perform much of the same work as attorneys, except for jobs prohibited under the unauthorized practice of law statuettes. While they are not able to accept clients, give legal advice or represent clients in court, paralegals still play a vital role in the trial process. They [...]

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Trends in Law for 2017

The law industry is a rapidly progressing and evolving field. From the introduction of new technology to getting rid of traditional billing models, there are many changes in law set to unfold over the coming year. For paralegals or people interested in entering the paralegal field, here are the five main trends you should be [...]

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How Could the Trump Administration Impact Law in 2017?

It is not difficult to imagine what an impact the administration of Donald Trump will have on law in 2017. Already, the administration is pitted in a high-profile court battle over its recent controversial immigration executive order. While the administration’s policies and stances will likely have a ripple effect to every area of law, ranging [...]

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Time Management and Organizational Tips for Paralegals

Paralegals are key components of any successfully functioning legal team. While paralegals cannot set fees, establish client relationships or provide legal advice, the American Bar Association explained that paralegals can perform most other tasks that lawyers can accomplish. From preparing court documents to conducting legal research to organizing case files, paralegals are the true backbones [...]

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