8 tech tools & devices to make your office more productive

Nearly every office in the country is constantly on the prowl for ways to boost or maintain their productivity levels. The legal field is no different. With multiple cases, clients and research, paralegals and their attorneys may feel overwhelmed at times to complete all their work. This is why many organizations and departments turn to productivity tools and electronic devices to boost their efficiency levels.

Thankfully, the advent of modern technology presents numerous opportunities for employees to not only do their work, but do it effectively and easily. From internal communication systems to simple to-do-list apps, there are plenty of options for law offices to choose from. Here are the top eight tools and devices every paralegal can use to make their office more productive.

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1. Smart watches

When it first came out, buying a smart watch seemed risky, as no one knew if it would take off. But today, with multiple companies releasing wearable devices, now is the time to invest in smart watch technology. With numerous options to choose from, you should find the wearable tech that best fits your productivity and lifestyle needs. Whether you want an Apple Watch or something more sporty, wearables will give you the means to be more efficient in life and work.

2. Post-it Plus

Collaborating with team members via brainstorming sessions — and keeping notes on a dry-erase board or notepad — can be a viable method for improving productivity and creativity. However, time will then have to be spent transcribing all the notes, aggregating them in one source and sharing them among participants.

This is where this innovative app comes in. All you have to do is to take a photo of your post-it notes with the app. Then, you can arrange, refine, organize and add to any of your initial thoughts. Afterward, you can send these refined notes to all members of your team. This way, everyone is on the same page and no one will miss any crucial details from your meeting.

3. Google Drive (Docs and Spreadsheets)

If your office is still sending documents back and forth over email or in hard copy form, you are at a serious disadvantage. To maintain the utmost degree of efficiency, your team should be subscribed to a Google Drive account. This allows you to store files, notes, graphs and other documents on a remote drive that can be accessed from anywhere that the internet is available. Instead of saving documents to your desktop or on thumb drives, you can share, create and read documents with ease.

4. Slack

Does your team primarily use email chains and email messenger tools to communicate? It may be time to consider complementary options. While email may be necessary for dealing with clients, other law offices and the court, it doesn’t have to be your primary form of communication if you want to maintain or improve your current productivity levels.

Slack is an internal, real-time messaging, archiving and search tool that brings all your office’s communication into one place. You can share documents, information or chats with ease, and not have to worry about losing track of essential files or work. This way, you can talk with your entire team or a single coworker with just a few clicks of your keys. As it integrates with social media, Google Drive and other tools, you can sync all your information across multiple devices.

5. Evernote

Sometimes, you simply need to take charge of your own productivity levels, rather than focus on your team as a whole. Many professionals use Evernote to organize their work in one central location. As the app works on your laptop, tablet and mobile devices, you always have access to your notes, to-do lists and other critical information.

Evernote acts as an information hub, where users can store all their notes — handwritten ones included — and enhance them with links and attachments. All files on Evernote are searchable, making it easy to track down information as needed. Instead of putting sticky note reminders all over your desktop or jotting down meeting reminders in your planner, use Evernote to store everything you need in one place.

6. Asana

If you’re not accurately keeping track of your team’s work and projects, deadlines and other elements may fall through the cracks. This is where project management software comes in, and one of the highest-rated platforms is Asana. The company offers customer support staff to help tailor the software to clients’ needs, and is constantly updated with new features and highly rated by users.

With Asana, you can track your work from beginning to end from any mobile or electronic device. Instead of sending emails back and forth checking in on every project status in person, all you have to do is log into Asana and you have all the information you need. You’ll be able to assign deadlines, project members and schedule status meetings all within Asana.

7. Eternity Time Log

Have you ever wondered exactly how much time you are spending on certain tasks? Now you can know for sure. The Eternity Time Log app measures how much time you work versus how much time you spend on personal matters, such as browsing the internet or social media. It also shows how much time you invest in proactive work and how much time is lost due to interruptions. The app sends you a report every week so you can readjust your working lifestyle to be more productive.

8. Alarmed

If you ever feel like you lose track of time or forget to check your to-do list on busy days, you should try to download the Alarmed app. It functions as a reminder/time app, which gives you pop-up reminders with complete customization options to alert you about meetings you need to attend or calls you need to make. You can integrate meetings and deadlines from both your work and home life to increase your productivity and efficiency.

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