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Trina Nycol Brown

Trina Nycol Brown

2014 Graduate

Online Master’s in Paralegal Studies

The George Washington University

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A Legal Career That Accommodates Family Life

Sometimes it takes a hard look at life to determine what matters most. Trina Brown, senior legal specialist for an International Corporation, knew she had a mind for law, but she also knew that career path took time. With a young son to consider, Trina dissected her goals and discovered an equally fulfilling path. Pursuing work as a paralegal didn’t force her to decide between being involved in the legal world and being a part of her son’s life.

“I originally wanted to be a lawyer, but at the time my son was very young and I was raising him by myself. I didn’t want to miss any aspect of his upbringing,” Trina said. “So I looked into the paralegal profession and fell in love with it. The paralegal profession provided me with an outlet for my analytical skills and a platform to utilize a similar legal skill set. It also afforded me the opportunity to be his mom. It was the best of both worlds.”

By the time her son was grown, Trina had become a dedicated paralegal seeking a reputable online Master’s degree in Paralegal Studies to qualify as an educator and impress employers. She found the program she sought at the George Washington University and now teaches paralegal studies at the college level.

Channeling Her Inner Child

Much like her small child’s curious questioning, Trina found herself persistently asking “Why?” in her line of work. Being a mother and a paralegal went hand in hand..

“It’s paramount for paralegals to understand all aspects of a legal issue. To that end, I found myself constantly asking, ‘Why,’” she said. “Important averments are revealed to you. And by critically analyzing the answers, they can illuminate other diligent questions for your legal team to consider when preparing for a case.”

Expanding Her Network

Since she was pursuing the degree while already deep into her career, Trina looked forward to meeting paralegals beyond her immediate community through the online program. Additionally, the online curriculum is taught by the same faculty as GW’s on-campus program operating out of Washington, D.C., offering perspective from the hub of where laws are made. Through faculty engagement, colleague discussions and coursework collaboration, she broadened her perspective each time she logged on.

“I enjoyed the fact that my classmates would be my future professional network, and they’re all across the United States to boot,” Trina said. “The personal and professional relationships garnered at GW still play a major role in my personal and professional life today.”
“I don’t just have a network of people in my city or my state — I have an a network of people across the nation who went on a personal and professional journey with me, and who will remain a material part of my personal and professional network going forward.”

Catching Employers’ Attention

GW’s online Master’s degree in Paralegal Studies is one of a select few graduate-level degrees in the country for paralegals. Trina found that it made her stand out since employers rarely saw it on resumes. Unlike many paralegals who view the profession as a stepping stone, Trina’s sharp focus helped her to advance within the field to become a senior legal specialist for an international company.

“Employers have been very impressed that I received a Master’s degree in Paralegal Studies from a prestigious institution like GW,” Trina said. “Earning a terminal degree in paralegal studies has fortified my dedication to the paralegal profession and also opened doors for me in ways that I hadn’t even considered possible.”

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