These infographics capture some very interesting issues that resonate with legal or paralegal professionals.

A Paralegal’s Guide to Pro Bono Work

Pro bono work is often associated with lawyers; however, pro bono duties are equally important to paralegal professionals as well. The objectives and the outcome of pro bono work are the same in the case of both lawyers and paralegals, which includes exposure, altruism, networking, and experience. This then results in having a sense of [...]

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Leveraging Paralegals to Increase Profitability

According to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), a paralegal is a person with the requisite education and/or expertise in the legal field. This means that such a person understands legal concepts and therefore can perform some of the legal tasks performed by lawyers or other professionals in the field. Such tasks generally require [...]

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A Brief Guide To Paralegal Writing

The legal profession demands precision and accuracy. These values must be reflected in the documents submitted to the courts. Lawyers and paralegals should be able to write with a strong voice that is clear and concise. To learn more, checkout the infographic below created by George Washington University’s Online Masters in Paralegal Studies degree program. [...]

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Paralegals and the Paralegal Profession

Paralegals have been in business since the 1960s. Over the years, several things have changed for these law professionals, in terms of the industries they serve, salaries and benefits, scope of work, etc. Unlike how things were during the initial stages, paralegals are no longer mere assistants; they have evolved to become critical components of [...]

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The Impact of Patent Trolls

You may or may not be familiar with the term patent troll. Rather than creating an exciting new product or generating inventive ideas, patent trolls are typically known to use patents as legal weapons. These trolls can be individual people or large companies who attempt to enforce patent rights against proposed infringers that are very [...]

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Free Speech

GW Paralegal Studies Infographic: Free Speech and Censorship in an Age of Social Media Internet censorship in 2015 is a major political and social topic around the World, fueled by paranoid governments and the tremendous power anyone can posses through the Internet. What is Internet Censorship and how do the people of the World feel [...]

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Changing the Legal Landscape

The paralegal profession has evolved significantly since its origin in the 1970s. While paralegals originally assisted attorneys in a secretarial capacity by formatting legal documents, they have since assumed substantive roles in legal offices, the government and corporations both large and small. Little by little, paralegals have become savvier, more educated, and more professional. Today paralegals are fully contributing members of legal teams.

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